Why are we so hard but still want to buy a House?

Why are we so hard but always wanted to buy suites, why know buying a House will carry a great deal of pressure or bite the bullet and pay up the down payment, why are house prices would drop down to buy but still couldn't help out.
netizens make finishing the most mentioned 8 views, see if there are any stamp in your heart?
1, big cities are relatively fair, money earned, is especially important in small city contacts, work in the big cities to buy a House.
2, lack of security, not for the other, only to meet misfortune with a place to stay.
3, health care better in small cities or rural areas, complex disease doctor will not see or be misdiagnosed. To finally have a row number to Beijing hospital.
4, no House, no little girl willing to marry you, mother-in-law also will urge to get married.
5, not to buy a House, the children do? When the left-behind children? No House child can't fall accounts, local education resources unequally, the same access to the North of Beijing, foreigners only on the second table.
6, rents are not cheap, rent a few decades than a loan to buy a House.
7, all real, Chinese people like to follow the heard House going up you will want to buy a House, everyone around him to buy a House, own heart out!
    8, rural Homestead of their houses are not now since lived down, only to go to town to buy a House.
to buy and not to buy, life is there, buyers to rational, reasonable arrangements for their life, not best buy, don't just give him removing the slave's hat, you can buy yourself a nice!
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